A small business run by a young man from his family's kitchen table.


What is Bourneys?

Bourneys takes the best of British and applies it to everyday living, entwining nostalgic imagery with modern fashion, and perhaps with a little twist along the way. Referred to as a 'cottage industry', Bourneys boldly shows the 'cottage' life in the range of products and choices of materials.


Bourneys is defined by the ‘Britishness’ of it's products. Staying close to the ‘country gentry’ theme, Luke finds joy in creating products that fit into the households of people alike.

Luke prides his products on 100% British design and craftsmanship.


How did Bourneys start? 

Luke was able to complete his 'placement year' at University in 2014 with the help of his Father and The Hive Business Centre at Nottingham Trent University. During this time, Luke began to develop a range of hand-printed cotton handkerchiefs and more recently has been focussing on hand-stamped products hosting upcycled copper and tin, which have since become Bourneys' best sellers.


Being raised on an old farm, Luke has always been surrounded by a lifestyle which is now considered to be on the fashion spectrum with regards to country living; hard graft and good fun.

This reflects in his products through the use of handcrafted metal items mounted on materials such as tweed or leather; and cotton handkerchiefs hosting vintage imagery. The ‘Little Alfred’ handkerchief hosts an heirloom image of a young boy which was found in a rusted metal chest in the attic. Luke thoroughly enjoys producing items that reflect his life, inspiring others.


What's next for Bourneys?

Always keen to learn new skills, Luke is currently adding a new string to his bow in the wonderful world of barbering, with the hopes of, one day, opening his own barbershop. Over the last few years, the developement of Bourneys has begun to level out, as there's only so much work Luke can take on, being a one-man-band business!

In learning a new skill, Luke will be able start a new journey in a career that will have more scope to build on.

Don't worry! Once qualified, Luke hopes to continue crafting personalised items to help fund his future in barbering!


How do you pronounce 'Bourneys'?

Unlike the similarly spelt word 'journeys', Bourneys is pronounced 'BORE-neez'.

It's a nod to 'Bourneys Manor Farm', the name of the farm on which Luke spent his childhood and developed his love for spending his days in dusty sheds!