Something In The Orange Downloadable Artworks

Something In The Orange Downloadable Artworks


Hi guys!

Thanks again for your kind words and support with what started as a very rough doodle in my notebook!

As promised, here's the doodles in all their glory!


I would have loved to have been able to to provide tshirts, hoodies and prints etc, but as most of you are in the USA, it would have been pretty costly for all of us! So hopefully you consider this digital artwork a suitable price, for you to put to whatever use you have for it!

If you DO want to use this artwork to make money, please do let me know... and perhaps send me one of whatever you're producing!


Within the download is 8 files, all high quality A4 ratio, each a little different, which hopefully means that you'll be able to find one suitable for your use. There's a few that are just black and white (great for screenprinting), some with shading (great for digital prints) and some with clear backgrounds (great for applying to coloured materials or cropping to turn into stickers!).

Hope this is all alright for you guys!

Thanks again for your support.

Don't forget to use code TENOFF for 10% the listing price!


Luke B